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Home Solar Power- A Renewable Source Of Energy Posted By: Brainwork

With daily new inventions made now we have so many appliances at home which helps us live comfortably and decreases human effort, but all these need some input that is electricity. The consumption of electricity is increasing but the resources, which have been used classically, are depleting day by day. If the sources of energy will continue to deplete in the same manner soon we will have no resource to produce energy and we will have no electricity. To stop depletion of these nonrenewable

China Household Appliance Industry Will Promote The Application Of Energy-saving Technology And... Posted By: Deland Selectchina

China Household Appliance Industry Will Promote The Application of Energy-saving Technology and New Materials

As reported, the Twelfth Five-Year Plan scheme draft of GPS Antenna industry has been finished, and it also has asked for advices from enterprises level, it is expected to be reported to the relevant departments in recent period. The applications on energy efficiency, major technologies and new materials will have relative quantitative task indicators. The first draft put forward that

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Efficiency Of Solar And Wind Power For Home Posted By: Brainwork

People today are looking for alternative sources of energy, to make use of them for making power and cutting down their electricity bills. The two most popular ways have become the use of sun's rays and wind for the purpose of making power. Unlike other cheaper resources like coal and gas, which are nonrenewable, the above mentioned sources of energy are very much renewable. So, you can also save the world from depleting its perishable resources by using wind or solar power for home!
Also, the

Benefit From Solar Power For Home And Wind Energy Posted By: Brainwork

All of us are aware of the fact that most of the electricity we consume is being produced from the nonrenewable resources. The rate of consumption of these resources is much higher than their rate of formation. The extensive use of these resources has lead to their depletion; therefore, scientists are daily working out alternative methods to produce electricity with renewable resources and which are abundant. We are aware of the fact that sunlight can be used for producing solar power for home

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Designing Your Property Environment Friendly Posted By: Denice Heathcote

The Windows

Double-glazed windows have been proved to save about 20% off your annual heating costs. Having said that, make certain your house has a good ventilation system when replacing windows. It is advisable to use double-glazed windows with real wood frames. They might be more expensive but well worth the price.

Use the candle test to find drafts in the house. Close all the windows and doors then put a candle on the ground and watch the flame. The flickering candle suggests you are

Solar Power Panels - Can You Be Sure Whether You Should Do It Yourself Or Not? Posted By: Jeff Yuan

Deciding whether or not you should use solar power panels is a big decision. You must realize there are many that are already using solar power for a variety of reasons. If you knew the many benefits that others are enjoying as they use solar electricity, you would better understand where they are coming from. Read here for the reasons people use this energy source for their home's electrical needs.

One: If you use solar power panels, you would have tremendous savings off your utility bills.

Gunmen kill 9 in northern Mexico

In first attack, three men opened fire at a bar; four people killedSecond attack also took place at a bar; five people killedThere have been more than 34,600 drug-related deaths in Mexico since 2006

(CNN) -- Gunmen opened fire at two different bars in northern Mexico, killing nine people and injuring 12, Mexico's state news agency reported Sunday, citing the attorney general's office.

Both attacks occurred in the city of Torreon, Notimex reported.

In the first, which happened around 5:40 p.m. Saturday, three men opened fire at a bar, killing four people and injuring nine, the agency said.

The second attack took place around 8 p.m. Saturday, also at a bar, when a group of armed men shot and killed five people, injuring three, Notimex reported.

The Mexican government says there have been more than 34,600 drug-related deaths since President Felipe Calderon began a crackdown on cartels in December 2006.

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'King's Speech' reigns at Oscars

"The King's Speech" wins the Oscar for best picture.NEW: Best actress winner Natalie Portman says she will not name her baby OscarNEW: Best actor Colin Firth says he plans to cook now that the hectic award season is over"King's Speech" wins best actor, picture, director and screenplay Oscars"Inception" wins 4 Oscars

Los Angeles (CNN) -- The story of a king overcoming a speech impediment to lead his people through World War II took top honors at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

"The King's Speech" won the best picture, best actor, best director and best original screenplay Oscars at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre Sunday night.

The saga of how a college student created Facebook, which is now credited with helping citizens overthrow their leader in the Mideast, lost out on the big awards, but "The Social Network" did win Oscars for best musical score, film editing and best adapted screenplay.

Natalie Portman, who played a ballet dancer in "Black Swan," was given the best actress Academy Award. Portman also won Golden Globe and SAG best actor trophies in recent weeks.

Portman, who is pregnant, was asked backstage if she might now consider "Oscar" as a name for her child.

"I think that's probably definitely out of the question," she said.

When "King's Speech" director Tom Hooper accepted the best director Oscar, he noted that it was his mother who found the script for him.

"The moral of this story is listen to your mother," Hooper said.

"King's Speech" writer David Seidler pointed out that at 73, he was the oldest person to ever win best original screenplay.

"My father always said to me I would be a late bloomer," Seidler said, noting that at 73 he is the oldest winner ever in the category. "I hope that record is broken quickly and often."

Colin Firth, who portrayed the stuttering King George VI in "The King's Speech," completed his sweep of best actor honors with the Oscar win."I have a feeling my career has just peaked," said Firth, who also won a Golden Globe and the SAG award.

Firth was asked backstage what he would now do since the hectic film award season has ended.

"I think I'm going to cook a lot," Firth said. Cooking is "a very good way to decompress," he said

He does not support the decision to re-release the movie with the F-word edited out to allow a younger PG-13 rating at U.S. theaters.

King George VI was taught by his speech therapist to use the obscenity as a tool to smooth out his stuttering

"The context of this film, it could not be more edifying, more appropriate," he said. "It's not vicious."

Christian Bale repeated his Golden Globe and SAG award wins by taking the best supporting actor Oscar for his role in "The Fighter."

Melissa Leo, who played the mother and manager of two boxers in "The Fighter," completed her trifecta of major awards when 94-year-old Kirk Douglas handed her the best supporting actress Oscar. Leo also won Golden Globe and SAG best actress trophies.

Douglas, who walked with a cane and spoke slowly with slurred speech, managed to upstage Leo with his humor, jokingly delaying reading what was in the envelope. His stand-up routine was rewarded with big laughs.

Leo, whose acceptance speech included a censored expletive, used Douglas's cane to walk off stage.

"Inception," a film that explores the human mind and dreams, won four Academy Awards, including for cinematography, sound mixing, sound editing and visual effects. The film was also a best picture contender, although most of its eight nominations are in the technical categories.

Two awards went to "Toy Story 3" for animated feature film and best original song.

"The Lost Thing" won for short animated film.

"True Grit," based on the same book as the 1969 John Wayne film, failed to win in any of the 10 categories for which it was nominated.

"Alice in Wonderland," which was not among the 10 best picture nominees, was rewarded Sunday night with two Oscars, for costume design and art direction.

"Inside Job," a film about the 2008 financial system meltdown, won the best feature documentary Oscar. Producer Charles Ferguson used his acceptance speech to say that "not a single financial executive has gone to jail and that's wrong."

The short documentary Oscar went to "Strangers No More," a film about an Israeli school that includes students from 48 countries.

The romantic comedy "God of Love" won the live action short film Oscar.

A Danish movie, "In a Better World," won the best foreign language film Academy Award.

The Oscar for best makeup was given to "The Wolfman."

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U.S., South Korea to start military drills

Replicas of a North Korean Scud-B missile (C-behind) and South Korean Hawk surface-to-air missiles (foreground) are seen at the Korean War Memorial in Seoul on February 17.Replicas of a North Korean Scud-B missile (C-behind) and South Korean Hawk surface-to-air missiles (foreground) are seen at the Korean War Memorial in Seoul on February 17.First of two joint military exercises starts MondayNorth warns it will engulf "Seoul in a sea of flames"

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- U.S.-South Korean joint military drills kick off Monday, one day after North Korea threatened to engulf Seoul in a "sea of flames." The annual exercises are taking place amid high tensions. North Korea shelled Yeongpyeong Island, killing two South Korean marines and two civilians, last November.

The U.S insists the drills are defensive in nature while training forces to respond to any provocation but North Korea has always denounced them as preparing for an invasion to topple Kim Jong-il's regime.

North Korea's military said Sunday it would retaliate with "an all-out offensive to put an end to the U.S. imperialists' military occupation of South Korea." The military also said the world will see actions "engulfing Seoul in a sea of flames, smashing every move for confrontation." The North often issues such warnings before military drills, but tensions are higher after November's shelling and the March sinking of the South Korean warship, Cheonan, which the South blames on the North.

North Korea also threatened to fire on sites in South Korea where activists and politicians have released balloons carrying propaganda leaflets and DVDs showing anti-government protests across the Middle East and northern Africa. The balloons sometimes carry food and clothes. The North condemned the "psychological warfare" of "clothes, rotten videos and books."

The two drills, Key Resolve, which ends March 10, and Foal Eagle, which finishes at the end of April, will involve 12,300 U.S. forces, many of them coming from units stationed outside Korea. They will also include 200,000 military personnel from South Korea. There are reports of a U.S. aircraft carrier taking part, but neither side has confirmed this.

A U.S. military official told CNN there are no plans for exercises to involve the five frontline islands in the Yellow Sea that are closest to North Korea.

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